How the Trust is Structured

In a large organisation, like the Trust it can be difficult to know who is responsible for what.  This page explains the overall structure of the Belfast Trust and how it is managed.
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Board of Directors

The Board of the Belfast Trust is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the Trust’s activities.  It is accountable, through the chairman, to the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety, and ultimately to the Minister for Health.

It is made up of a Chairman, seven non Executive Directors, five Executive Directors and seven other Directors.  The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety appoints non-executive directors, with the approval of the Minister for Health, Social services and Public Safety.

The Trust Board meets approximately 6 times per year and anyone can attend.

The Board exercises strategic control over the operation of the organisation through a system of corporate governance which includes:

  • A schedule of matters reserved for Board decisions
  • A scheme of delegation, which delegates decision-making authority within set parameters to the Chief Executive and other officers
  • Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions.  An Audit Committee and an Assurance Committee have also been established.

The Assurance Framework of the Trust sets out the committee structures for clinical and social care governance and risk management.  This framework describes the mechanisms to address weaknesses and ensure continuous improvement, including the delivery of the delegated statutory functions and corporate parenting responsibilities.

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Executive Team

The Trust's Executive Team is responsible to the Trust Board for the day to day operational management and development of the Trust.
It is led by the Trust's Chief Executive Martin Dillon and includes the following Trust Directors:

  • Director of Unscheduled and Acute Care : Bernie Owens
  • Director of Adult Social and Primary Care Services : Marie Heaney
  • Director of Surgery and Specialist Services : Caroline Leonard
  • Director of Specialist Hospitals & Women's Health : Aidan Dawson
  • Director Social Work / Children's Community Services (Interim) : John Growcott
  • Deputy Chief Executive/Medical Director :  Cathy Jack
  • Director of Nursing and User Experience : Brenda Creaney
  • Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development : (Interim) Jacqui Kennedy
  • Director of Finance Estates and Capital Development : Maureen Edwards
  • Director of Performance, Planning and Informatics (Interim) :  Jennifer Thompson
  • Head of Communications: Bronagh Dalzell
  • Head of Office : Claire Cairns

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Directorates - Delivering Integrated care

The Belfast Trust provides integrated care.  This means that we provide both acute services (hospital based) and community services (in your own home or local health centre) In order to deliver these services in the best way they have been grouped into 10 Directorates.

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