Trust develops Community Urgent Care Team


Pilot Scheme first step in providing acute care at home to frail elderly people. In line with Transforming Your Care (TYC), our Trust has developed a Community Urgent Care Team with a strong multidisciplinary focus on rehabilitative care which includes nursing, medical, physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.


Speaking at the launch Colm Donaghy, Chief Executive, said: “I am delighted to welcome Minister Poots today to see for himself how staff at the Belfast Trust are bringing about transformational change in the delivery of urgent care to frail elderly patients. 

“Staff at the urgent care hub are uniquely placed to provide some acute care at home to frail elderly people who might otherwise be admitted to hospital.

“This dedicated centre is a first step in providing comprehensive and rapid specialist assessment, advice and intervention to those elderly people in need of most help and signals a decisive shift towards expert medical and community support at home.”

The Health Minister, Edwin Poots saw first-hand, the new pilot scheme providing acute care at home for frail or older people who would have normally needed hospital admission.

The Minister said: “The new service ‘Hospital at home’ has been defined as ‘a service that provides active treatment by health care professionals in the patient’s own home for a condition that would otherwise require acute hospital in-patient care.

“Under Transforming Your Care, and at the core for my vision for our health and social care system, I want to prevent unnecessary hospital visits and help ensure that patients are cared for closer to home.

“It is this ‘without walls’ approach which will need to characterise so much of our approach to the future of health and social care services. This facility is an excellent example of TYC principles working for the benefit of the population.”

Pictured at the launch are Patient Stella Rodgers with Edwin Poots, Minister, Jan Grey, Staff Nurse and Sonia Mayne, Falls Co-Ordinator with Dr Ken Fullerton looking on.