Skin Cancer Awareness


Skin cancer in Northern Ireland has been increasing over recent decades.

UV rays are stronger from March through to October even on cloudy days so don’t forget the sun cream (the best anti ageing cream available). Suncream should be applied 30 minutes before going out and then every 2 hours.

Save our skin!! Remember to;

  • Slip on a Shirt – Close weave clothing will help protect your skin
  • Sunscreen - Minimum recommended SPf 30 Please remember to reapply frequently!!
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Seek the shade.

A Dermatology Nurse Practitioner and Health Improvement Practitioner are holding Skin Cancer Awareness events on Wednesday 21st May 2014 in the Mater Hospital and City Hospitals, come along and get more information:

Mater Hospital Atrium Area : 9.00 - 11.00am
City Hospital D Floor (foyer area outside dining room) : 12.00Noon - 1.15pm


Checking your Skin

Use mirrors to carry out a full body check. It is important to examine your scalp, face, ears, neck, back front, head to toe, between toes and soles of feet.
Remember - If in doubt check it out. See your GP who can refer you to a Dermatologist if necessary.
Do you have a mole that looks different to all the others?

Look for:

  • Asymmetry two halves different
  • Irregular or blurred edges
  • Uneven colour or different shades – black, brown pink
  • Itch or stinging sensation
  • Bleeding without trauma
  • Report any change to your GP

Non Melanoma skin Cancers are a lot more common

Lookout for:

  • A scab or sore that will not heal or bleeding
  • A scaly crusty patch that looks red or inflamed
  • A Pearly lump that will not go away and is increasing in size
  • A lump crusting and getting bigger.

Remember skin cancer is caused by too much UV light, episodes of sun burning and excessive tanning.
Please avoid sun beds in the light of the associated risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer is much more common in fair skin – a large proportion of the population of Northern Ireland have pale fair skin.
Remember to use your SUN CREAM!

Check the following website for more information: