Lookout for vulnerable people during severe weather


Health Minister Edwin Poots today urged the public to lookout for members of the community who may be in need of assistance following the recent severe weather.


He said: “As this difficult weather persists, I would ask the public again to be good neighbours and look out for those such as the elderly, disabled or those who are particularly isolated, who may need help. Older people and those with long term illnesses are particularly vulnerable in these situations so we all need to work together to ensure that everyone is kept safe. If you have an elderly or vulnerable friend or neighbour, please look out for them. If you are in any way concerned, please call on them or, if necessary, make contact with the appropriate authorities who will provide assistance.” 


The Minister said that Health and Social Care organisations across Northern Ireland continue to provide services to patients and clients in extremely challenging circumstances. And he said that, where possible, services have been prioritised and contact has been maintained with clients in the community. Both Health organisations and Fire and Rescue Service are participating in the multi-agency response and ongoing risk assessment to ensure those who become vulnerable as a result of the current severe weather conditions, receive the assistance and support they need.

Mr Poots added: “For those who continue to be without heat or electricity, remember that the best way to keep warm is by wearing multi-layers of clothing and to wear a hat and gloves, even indoors.”

And the Minister urged those to with appointments in the coming days to make sure the journey is necessary saying: “For those who have scheduled appointment in hospitals or health centres in the coming week, call in advance to ensure the appointment is proceeding or if you are unable to make the journey.

“Finally I would like to extend my thanks to the thousands of dedicated health, ambulance and Fire Service staff who have worked hard in very trying circumstances to insure that the people of Northern Ireland are kept safe or get the treatment or service they require.”