Caring For Yourself

Caring can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Don’t feel guilty about taking time for your own interests. Keeping yourself well is important.

  • Make sure your GP knows you are a carer and the effect this is having on your health motherand_baby.jpg
  • Ask us for a carer’s needs assessment to find out what help you may be able to have, such as complementary therapies; breaks from caring or training courses to support you in your caring role
  • Make sure you have good financial advice to support you with any financial worries you may have. Contact: Make the Call - Benefits Advice Service.
  • Try to get enough sleep and rest to keep yourself healthy.  Read more in the healthy living section
  • Try to have a healthy diet
  • Make sure you take time for yourself when you need it, remember you have a right to a life outside your caring role
  • Try to make contact with others outside your own caring situation who will be able to understand your feelings and support you as a carer.  Contact one of the Carer Co-Ordinators for a list of Carer Support Groups.