Carer’s Needs Assessments

A Carer's Needs Assessment can help you get support for you as a carer.

What is a Carer’s Needs Assessment?

It is an opportunity for you to tell us about the care you provide and how it affects your life. Along with a Trust worker (eg a Social Worker or Care Manager) you will look at what support you have and what you may need to help you if you want to continue caring for your friend or relative. It is an assessment for you as the carer, not the person you care for.

Who can have a Carer’s Needs Assessment?

If you are providing regular and substantial care for a relative or friend because of an illness, frailty or disability, you can ask for an assessment.

Why should I have a Carer’s Needs Assessment?

Carers have found that having an assessment can be useful. It gives you a chance to talk about:

  • The support you provide
  • How caring affects your physical and emotional health
  • What you find difficult at the minute
  • Any concerns you have for the future
  • What support you may need to continue caring

See the Video: Supporting Carers : Promoting Carers’ Assessments. This video features information from all Trusts’ staff and carers.

How should I prepare for a Carer’s Needs Assessment?

Take time before the assessment to think about what tasks you carry out in your caring role and what you find difficult. (Using a diary for a few weeks may help you). Think about whether you want to have the assessment carried out with, or without the person you care for being there. You may feel you can speak more freely on your own. Be open with the person carrying out the assessment with you. They are there to listen and to help. Ask for a copy of the completed assessment form which will have an agreed action plan.

What will I get from a Carer’s Needs Assessment?

It can help you take stock and think more clearly about your caring situation. It gives you a chance to talk freely about your own needs and concerns. It may help you get more practical help and support. This help could be from the Trust but may also come from other organisations. This help may include:

  • Information on issues relevant to you as a carer, such as Direct Payments
  • Contact with carer groups
  • Support with practical tasks
  • Breaks from caring
  • Training to assist you in your caring role
  • Emotional support / stress management
  • Complementary therapies & Carer Away Days
  • Support to claim Benefits

What should I do if I want a Carer’s Needs Assessment?

You can contact one of the carer co-ordinators or, if there is a Trust worker (eg a Social Worker or Care Manager) involved with the person you care for, you can ask them to arrange a Carer’s Needs Assessment with you.