Involving Carers in Belfast Trust's work

Belfast Trust acknowledges and values the vital role of carers in the provision of care for those who are ill, frail or have a disability. We are committed to improving the range and quality of support we provide for adult and young carers. We also want to ensure that carers are real and equal partners who are involved in the planning, deliver and evaluation of services.

For further information on Carer Involvement please see the leaflet below:

Carer Involvement Leaflet 

Carers Reference Group

The Trust also supports a Carers Reference Group which has members who are all current carers and come from a range of caring backgrounds. They have been working in partnership with the Trust to shape how carers are viewed and treated.


The Carers Reference Group will be a voice that raises the profile of carers within the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and influences the development of the Trust’s strategic plan in order to improve the health and well being of carers in the Belfast area.


  1. To establish and maintain influence on behalf of carers at a strategic and operational level within Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
  2. To advise on the design and development of staff induction and training programmes to raise awareness and promote the importance of the Carer’s Role and Needs.
  3. To lobby for carers rights as equal partners, and champion issues with policy and decision makers.
  4. To advise on the design and development of accessible information, training and services for carers.
  5. To provide an effective networking opportunity for sharing information on carer issues.