Support For Adult Carers

There are a range of services which can give you a break from caring. Some of these will be delivered to the person you are caring for and others directly to you as the carer.  You should speak to your social worker or Trust worker to discuss these.carersinfofatherandsonbanner.jpg

Day time and evening sitting – someone can sit with the person you care for so that you can go out during the day or in the evening.

Short stays in residential care – a short stay with a residential care service or within a dedicated respite service can be arranged to give you and the person you care for a break. The length of the break can be arranged to meet individual needs and can vary in length from one night to several weeks.

Day centres – day time support can be offered to the person that you support. A range of daytime provision is available depending upon the interests and the needs of the person you care for.

Direct Payments – A direct payment is an amount of money you may be able to receive, following assessment, in place of services from the Trust. You can access Direct Payments for the person you care for, giving you greater flexibility around their care. Direct Payments will allow you to choose who provides the support and how this is provided. Read more about Direct Payments.

Carer Specific Services

Complementary Therapies – carers can have 6 free treatments of complementary therapies to help them relax and de-stress.

Carer Away Days – carers have the opportunity to have a day of relaxation and complementary therapies, away from their caring situation. Find out about Carers Away Days.

Carers Grants – carers can apply for a carer's grant for either something to support them in their carer's role or to support their own health and wellbeing eg carers break, gym membership.

Carers Support Groups – there are a range of carers groups in the Belfast area that offer social support and information.

Carer Training – we offer a range of training such as stress management and personal development courses which all focus on the health and well being of carers.

You can find out more about help and support from the Carers Co-ordinator/s.