Where To Go For Help


Carers NI and Carers Trust Northern Ireland provide information and support for carers from any caring background. 


Carers NI is here to make life better for carers by: 

  • Giving expert advice, information and support
  • Connecting carers so no-one has to care alone
  • Campaigning together for lasting change
  • Finding new ways to reach and support carers

Carers NI’s activities include:

  • An advice and information service for carers and professionals, covering carers' benefits, community care and services for carers
  • Information materials and a regular newsletter for carers, members and professionals
  • A network of local groups, where carers can share experiences and reduce the feeling of isolation.
  • Awareness training for organisations and short courses for carers to help build their resilience
  • Research into carers’ experiences and highlighting their needs to Government and policy makers   

For further information please go to www.carersuk.org/northernireland or call them on (028) 9043 9843.  

Alzheimers Society

The Alzheimers Society run a number of Carer Support groups across Belfast. They also run information sessions and education programmes for Carers of people with dementia.

For further information please go www.alzheimers.org.uk/northernireland or call them on (028) 9066 4100.  


Cancer Lifeline

Cancer Lifeline offers carers access to counselling, complementary therapies, benefits advice and feel good sessions. For further information please contact Cancer Lifeline on (028) 9035 1999.

Caring Breaks

Caring Breaks provides regular short respite breaks for family carers and at the same time, social and recreational activities for their relatives - adults with learning disabilities.

For further information please go www.caringbreaks.com or call them on (028) 9070 9118.  


CAUSE is a Northern Ireland wide mental health community organisation directed by carers. It provides support, education and respite for the relatives of persons with serious mental illness. It also has a telephone helpline (see details below) and provides short courses and carer support groups. For further information please contact CAUSE on the numbers below:

CAUSE Carer Helpline Tel: 0845 6030291

CAUSE Carer Advocates:
North and West Belfast
South and East Belfast

Mob: 079 6688 3647
Mob: 077 3898 8300


Macmillan Information and Support Centres

The Macmillan Information service is based at the BCH and RVH hospitals in Belfast. The service offers a drop-in service offering support and a comprehensive range of information on all aspects of cancer.
For further information please follow this link Macmillan Information Centre (this is the link on the BHSCT website) 

Newington Carers Project

Newington Day Centre in North Belfast provide a carer support group for carers of people with dementia who attend their Day Centre on a weekly basis.

For further information contact the Centre on (028) 9035 1947.



The PRAXIS Carer Advocacy Service actively supports carers who care for someone with a mental health issue, to explore ways in which the carer can improve their quality of life and to lobby on behalf of carers for improved services. The carer Advocate provides one-one home visits, support groups, information and advice on a range of issues.

Praxis Carer Advocate
Whiterock Health Centre
Tel: 028 9032 3153 ext 2014
Mob: 078 4156 0881



Other Support Services    

For other sources of support services see www.nidirect.gov.uk website and the Department of Health A-Z Guide for Carers