Island Resource Centre

The Island Resource Centre is one of a range of day support services provided by the Belfast Trust.

The centre provides day support for adults with physical and sensory disabilities who live in aast Belfast and are between the ages of 18 years and 65 years.


Aims of the centre

The centre aims to provide a varied and structured programme, which will improve the quality of life for the individuals who attend and which is in keeping with the principles of person centred planning.

This service aims to meet the social, educational and cultural needs of each individual and by working in partnership with statutory agencies and individuals and groups from the private/voluntary sectors we believe that the choice and diversity of activities on offer will meet the needs of the members attending the Island Resource Centre. 



  • To offer a planned and structured programme of activities of each individual attending the centre.
  • To provide a structured, consistent and stable environment, which encourages individual growth and development.
  • To develop each individual’s ability to express themselves through, and gain pleasure from a wide range of planned activities and to ensure that all service users have a fully interactive role in making decisions, which affect their lives.
  • To provide to a level of support to individual which is proportionate to their needs.
  • To continue to work alongside the multidisciplinary team to meet the needs of individuals attending the centre.
  • To continue to carry out a comprehensive assessment of individual needs through the method of Person Centre Planning and to address any highlighted need and strive to meet that need.
  • To continue to develop and maintain strong community based links through liaising with voluntary, community and statutory bodies in order to extend and develop our range of service provision.
  • To continue to access social, educational, recreational and vocational opportunities for individuals attending the centre.
  • To develop and apply existing communication skills as a method of conveying information to, and receiving information from individuals.
  • To promote the rights and choices of individuals attending the centre in keeping with current legislation and policy.
  • To identify and provide ongoing training for staff through the use of internal and external training providers, thus ensuring the ongoing growth and development of staff members on an individual basis through the extension of their knowledge and development of skills.
  • To continue to maintain the environment to a high standard, in keeping with the needs and choices of the service users.
  • To maintain and develop liaisons with individual service users and the centre’s “Hopefuls” user group, enabling the direct input of members into the daily running and development of the centre.


Activities at the centre

The centre offer a variety of activities including arts and crafts, computer skills, music therapy, gardening, games, cookery group, sensory therapies, creative writing and danderball.

Outreach activities include swimming, shopping, places of interest, monthly cinema trips and the “Hopefuls” annual Newcastle weekend each September.

An Occupational Therapist is employed at the centre to assess the needs of all new service users referred to the centre and to provide further support if required.

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) provide advisory service at the centre each Wednesday morning.



The Island Resource Centre
Cuba Walk

Tel. (028) 9504 3140

Island Resource Centre