Security and CCTV

Belfast Trust Security Department works to ensure the personal safety of patients, service users, staff and visitors.

The role of the Security department is to protect Trust and personal property against theft, damage and fraud:

  • To create a safe atmosphere in which the uninterrupted delivery of health and social care can be delivered
  • To detect and report those about to commit crimes on Trust property 
  • To work in partnership with local agencies e.g. PSNI and contracted security organisations 
  • To deter criminal activities by putting in place security control systems and other measures 
  • To deter and deny criminal opportunity, not only through physical barriers, but by putting in place security control systems 
  • To raise awareness of security at all levels to improve crime detection and to reduce the risk of crime 
  • To effectively respond to security issues and problems 
  • To periodically review security measures to evaluate their effectiveness 
  • To liaise with the local police and the relevant agencies to achieve partnership working towards a safe and secure environment.

Use of CCTV

In common with most other organisations the Belfast Trust sees CCTV as one of the most effective physical security measures. The use of cameras enables greater security coverage within the Trust premises, thereby increasing safety by monitoring security.

The Trust has external and internal cameras designed to deter and detect crime and safeguard staff, patients/residents and visitors to the Trust whilst crime within Trust premises in most instances is perpetrated by outside individuals there is, on rare occasions, crime committed by members of Trust staff.

Whilst the Belfast Trust has installed overt CCTV in a number of locations with beneficial effect, it is considered essential that occasionally it would be beneficial not just to deter but, in selected instances, to catch offenders in the act so that more appropriate action can then be taken.

Belfast Trust CCTV Code of Practice 2012