Coming into Hospital

We realise that admission to hospital can be a traumatic experience for both you and your child.  In order to help you prepare for admission to hospital, we have put together this web-page full of useful advice and tips.

We hope that your child’s stay with us will be as positive as experience as possible.  This web-page will not tell you everything - we will give you more information when you arrive and throughout the course of your stay.

What to Bring

It is sometimes difficult to know what to bring into hospital. This list will give you an idea of what you need. Your child will have a bedside locker to store clothes, small toys, etc but please be careful with your handbag and personal property. Please bring:-

  • Your child’s admission letter
  • Any medicines that your child is currently taking. Please let nursing staff know if you have them in your possession so they can be locked away for safe keeping.
  • Toiletries for you and your child including toothbrush, toothpaste, towels and hairbrush. We encourage one parent to stay overnight with their child. Accommodation and facilities are limited but we will do our best to make you comfortable.
  • If your child requires a specialised feed, please bring this with you and the staff in the Milk Kitchen will make up your child’s feeds in a sterile environment. Bottles and teats will be supplied on the ward.
  • Night-time and day-time clothes for your child
  • Your child’s favourite toys (but not expensive ones) - please mark these with your child’s name. Please do not bring soft toys as these may need to be thrown out as an infection control measure.
  • A supply of nappies if you have a baby or toddler
  • Your own tea/coffee if you are staying for longer than one night
  • It is tempting to bring your child a huge supply of crisps and sweets to help make the hospital a nicer place however it is best to keep sweets to a minimum. A piece of fruit is a healthy alternative.
  • You may find it helpful to bring in a book or a magazine to give you something to do when your child is at hospital school or involved in the Play Specialist’s activities.

What should I do when I arrive at the hospital?

Please take your child’s admission letter to the admissions desk which is in the entrance hall. The receptionist will give you a form to bring with you to the ward.

In order to access your child’s ward please use the intercom system located beside the doors to the ward. After you press the intercom, be prepared to wait a few minutes before ringing again if you don’t get a response. This is because it may take staff a short while to free themselves to answer the intercom.

TV, Radio and Phones


The children have access to the latest technology with a combined television and telephone at each bed.

The TV is free to all children up until 9pm.

Outgoing calls to landlines cost 20p for the first 2 minutes and then 10p per minute. Incoming calls cost 49p at peak times and 39p off peak. The call automatically cuts off after 30 minutes.

For more information on these services provided you can visit the Patient Line website on

Mobile phones

Mobile phones must be switched off in the main ward area. You may use your phone in the outer corridor of the ward or preferably in the parents’ room/accommodation if available in your child’s ward

Money and Valuables

Parents are asked to take their own and/or their child’s valuables home.  The management of the Royal Hospitals will not be responsible for valuables or money that are brought into hospital that are not handed in for safe keeping.

Travel Expenses

A Hospital Travel Costs Scheme is available to help people who are entitled to reclaim travel costs to and from hospital for NHS treatment. You may be eligible to reclaim travel expenses if you receive Benefits or Credits or are on a Low Income. 

Please speak to the staff of the General Office (only available Mon-Fri 9am – 4pm (closed for lunch between 1-2pm).  

If the office is closed, please take a travel expenses form from the box outside the office and return to
Lawrence Power,
c/o General Office,
180 Falls Road, RBHSC.   Alternatively, you can take your completed form to the Appliance Office, Level 3, RVH.