Disabled parking at the Royal


The main visitors car park has provision for 34 disabled car parking bays, of which 30 are located on the ground floor and additional spaces on the upper level.

When entering the main visitors’ car park the spaces are located in the corner to the far right as you go underneath the top deck of the park. 

An accessible pedestrian route to the main hospital is provided on the ground floor of the visitors’ car park beside the School Of Dentistry. There is a tunnel that accesses the main hospital reception area. At the end of the tunnel corridor there are stairs and a lift that take patients and visitors up inside the main entrance of the hospital.

There are 4 barrier controlled ‘drop down’ spaces located at the front the main hospital entrance. These can be accessed by pressing the intercom at the barrier.

The Children’s hospital has a further 5 disabled spaces in the visitors car park.

There are 11 spaces available to disabled drivers adjacent to the main Children’s Hospital. Access can be obtained by activating the intercom and showing evidence of your blue badge via a CCTV camera at the barrier. 

Please note that demand for these spaces is very high. 

Royal Hospitals Car Park Provision Disabled Spaces
Main Public Car Park 34
Estates GMU 6
Front of New Hospital     4
New Children's Disabled 11
New Children’s 5




Shop Mobility

Also located at the disabled parking bays in the Main Car Park is  “Shop mobility” who will assist disabled drivers  if required. 

This service assists patients and visitors with limited mobility and was the first hospital-based scheme of its kind in Northern Ireland, offering appropriate patient and visitor electric scooters and wheelchairs to help them get to their destination anywhere on the Royal Hospitals site.
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Disabled Drop Off/Short Stay Areas

Disabled drivers and patients can access the barrier controlled area at the front of the main entrance to the Royal site as a short stay/drop off area.  There are four disabled spaces in this area.

There is an intercom at the barrier where patients can gain entrance. This will allow patients and their carer’s time to proceed to appointment venues and reduce any anxieties or frustrations.

There is also a drop off/set down area adjacent to the main Hospital entrance.  There is room for approximately 4 vehicles.

The Children’s Hospital has a drop off/set down area at the front of the main entrance.  There is room for 3 vehicles.

Abuse of Disabled Spaces

In general the issue around unauthorised parking in disabled bays across the Trust is not problematic. Whilst there may be instances where disabled bays are used by people who do not display a blue badge, no significant issues of misuse have been reported

In relation to abuse of disabled car park spaces all reasonable measures have been taken to eradicate these problems.  Where designated disabled bays are full, the general public/visitor parking spaces may be used.   Any vehicle parked in a designated disabled space at any time without displaying a valid disabled blue badge is subject to wheel clamping.