Disabled Parking


Due to the slope from the Donegall Road entrance to the Tower Block, the Donegall road multi-storey car park is unsuitable for wheelchair users. There are therefore no disabled parking spaces in this car park.

Spaces are reserved for disabled drivers on the Lower Tier of the Multi Storey Car Park at the front of the Tower Block.  There are 55 disabled spaces in this car park.

This car park is immediately opposite the main entrances to the Tower and new Cancer Centre. Every effort is made to find disabled drivers’ alternative parking when all of these spaces are already occupied.

There is a limit to the provision of reserved spaces for disabled drivers in the immediate vicinity of the main entrances and exits. These have to be kept clear for set-down/pick-up and are also used by ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

There are 4 designated disabled spaces in the Renal Car Park.

Disabled Car Park Provision Belfast City Hospital




Disabled Spaces



Tower Multi Storey


Loading Bay


Rear of tower


Renal Unit




There is no requirement to provide disabled drivers with free car parking although there are 6 free disabled spaces available at the side of the Tower Block beside the Loading Bay and 7 spaces at the back of the Accident and Emergency Department.


Assistance for Disabled Drivers

Where a disabled driver requires assistance from their vehicle may get help from the Portering Department by telephoning 02890263281 giving as much notice as possible of their intended visit.  In extreme cases the Security Department may also be contacted by telephoning 02890263048 again giving as much notices as possible.

Staff in the Enquiries Desk - which is situated in the main foyer of the Hospital Tower - is open Monday – Friday 8am – 10pm and Saturday and Sunday 8.30am – 10pm.  Staff will always give assistance when requested and shall contact the Porters Department if a Porter/wheel chair is required.

Enquiries Direct Dial number is 02890263217 should you need to call in advance to arrange assistance.  All Car Park queries are dealt with in this Office also.  Staff will also give directions to Wards/Departments.


Abuse of Disabled Spaces

In general the issue around unauthorised parking in disabled bays across the Trust is not problematic. Whilst there may be instances where disabled bays are used by people who do not display a blue badge, no significant issues of misuse have been reported

In relation to abuse of disabled car park spaces all reasonable measures have been taken to eradicate these problems.  Where designated disabled bays are full, the general public/visitor parking spaces may be used.   Any vehicle parked in a designated disabled space at any time without displaying a valid disabled blue badge is subject to wheel clamping.  A charge of £20 is required to release the wheel clamp.