General Information

This section contains general information that relates to all our hospitals and facilities

Infection Prevention and Control

Everyone coming into our hospitals has a part to play in infection prevention and control. Find out how you can help.


Food Safety

Everyone can help prevent food poisoning (and other infections) by washing your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and warm water. You should always wash your hands before preparing food, looking after children, the elderly or unwell. Find out more


Transport and Travel Information

This information may be useful for patients and visitors travelling to Trust facilities. Find out more 
Hospital Travel Scheme
You may be entitled to reclaim travel costs to and from hospital for NHS treatment.
 Find out  more. 

Regional Interpreting Service

If a patient comes into hospital who does not speak English either as a first or competent second language, staff will contact the regional Interpreting Service to arrange a face-to-face interpreter. Find out more


The Chaplaincy Service

If you or a loved one are suffering from illness it can be an anxious and worrying time.  The Chaplaincy service is available to help and support everyone in the hospital irrespective of faith or background. Find out more about this service