Coming into Hospital


Admission To Hospital In Labour

For your convenience the area at the front of the hospital is a set down area, however it must be left clear for ambulances. You can arrange for your partner to leave you off and then park in the car park opposite.

What to Bring

You will only require essentials as most women will go home as soon after delivery as their condition allows and most women will not stay overnight..

For yourself:

  • Comfortable loose clothing and slippersPants or disposable pants
  • Bras or nursing bras for breast feeding
  • Bath and face towels
  • Soap and toiletries
  • Sanitary towels, preferably maternity pads
  • Box of tissues
  • Breast pads

For your baby:

  • Bath towel
  • Baby soap or baby bath liquid
  • Baby clothes
  • Baby blanket
  • Disposable nappies (24 pack)
  • Cotton wool
  • Bibs

Single Rooms (Amenity beds)

For women who have had a surgical delivery or who need an inpatient stay due to complications and subject to availability there is opportunity to pay an amenity charge to have a single room. Prices vary according to the type of accommodation and are subject to annual review.
Rooms cannot be pre-booked and confirmation of availability can only be made following the delivery of your baby.
Accommodation charges must be paid before discharge by debit or credit card.
For further information contact 028 9063 5430.
NB Payment is for accommodation only

TV, Radio and Phones

A bedside television, radio and telephone entertainment system is available for your use while in hospital. You can make and receive telephone calls at your bedside, enjoy up to 16 television channels including a games channel and avail of a 24 hour free radio service.

Payment for television viewing and telephone calls can be made by purchasing a Patientline card from any of the vending machines, which are situated throughout the hospital.

You can get further information before you come in into hospital by calling free on 0800 959 3100.



10p per minute incoming UK & Europe.
10p per minute outgoing (this does not include connection to mobile phones).


£2.00 for every 24 hour period, 15 channels.


10 channels free of charge



For more information on these services provided you can visit the Patient Line website on

We would like to remind you that mobile phones must not be used within the hospital as they may interfere with medical equipment. Pay phones are available within the hospital.

Clothing and Laundry

For inpatients, a bedside locker is provided for your personal belongings.  Your relatives or friends are asked to take home any clothing you do not need, or that needs cleaned. Please bring a small bag for this purpose. We do not usually launder personal clothing and do not accept responsibility in the event of loss or damage to personal clothing.

Medicine and Drugs

In case your doctor wishes to prescribe new medicines or treatment for you, they will need to know what other medicines you are already taking, including homeopathic, herbal or dietary medicines. It is very important that you tell them about all medicines and bring them with you. As these are your property, they will be returned. If treatment is stopped for any reason, your permission will be sought for their destruction.

Travel Expenses

A Hospital Travel Costs Scheme is available to help people who are entitled to reclaim travel costs to and from hospital for NHS treatment .

You may be eligible to reclaim travel expenses if you receive Benefits or Credits or are on a Low Income. 

Details of Travel Cost Eligibility and what will be paid