Going Home

On the day your child is being discharged from the hospital you and your child may be asked to wait in a day room.  We would appreciate your co-operation in this as it allows us to prepare the bed your child was in for a new patient waiting to be admitted.

Following your child’s discharge, a letter will be send to your GP detailing the treatment your child has received and outlining any further care he or she may need. Contact will also be made with your child’s Health Visitor and/or Children’s Community Nurse to ensure that your child receives follow-up nursing care where necessary.

If your child needs to continue treatment, the Hospital Pharmacy will dispense an original pack of newly prescribed medicines as we have a legal obligation to provide medication for your child on discharge. Please allow sufficient time for this process when making discharge arrangements. 

If you and your child are returning to an address other than your usual address, you should inform your nurse who can then notify your GP or the community nursing service.  The doctor will advice you of the necessity for any follow up and the details of this will be sent to you.

If you are worried about your child’s discharge, please do not hesitate to raise any concerns you may have with your doctor or nurse.  If your child experiences any difficulties once you have returned home, please contact your GP at any time for help or advice.

A smooth discharge requires a little bit of planning.  Please make sure that arrangements are in place that will allow your child to be collected in a timely way once he or she has been discharged.