Going Home

Please ensure that the midwife is aware of the address you are going home to. The correct address and telephone number are essential. She can then inform the community midwife, who will continue your postnatal care. If you have changed your GP at any time during your pregnancy, please check that the midwife is aware of this. Remember to take all your property and valuables with you, including any medications prescribed.

Prior to discharge, you will receive a red book called the Personal Child Health Record. It is essential that you take this book with you to all of the baby’s healthcare contacts. You will also receive a discharge letter to be given to your community midwife.

The law states that your baby should be strapped in a car seat when travelling in a car.

The journey home from hospital should be his/her first experience of a car seat. These seats can be hired and you can receive more information from the parentcraft midwife before the birth of your baby.

If you haven’t received a visit from the community midwife by 3:00pm on the day following discharge, you should telephone the community midwives’ office in the hospital, on 028 9063 3802 or 028 9063 3693.