On the Ward

Labour and Delivery

On admission to the delivery suite in labour you will be allocated a single room. Each room is pleasantly decorated and comfortably furnished. A midwife will remain with you throughout your labour.  She will care for and advise you during labour and assist with the birth of your baby. Your partner or a person of your choice may stay with you during labour. We recommend that the same person remains throughout your stay in delivery suite.

Please remember it is difficult for us to accommodate other visitors in delivery suite, as waiting facilities are limited. As everyone will be anxious for news of the new arrival, we request that someone be organised to keep family and friends informed.

Following Delivery

Following the birth of your baby, both you and your baby will be given opportunity to rest and then prepare for transfer home or if an inpatient stay is clinically indicated transferred to one of the wards. Your baby will be nursed in a cot beside your bed at all times unless either your health or the baby’s health prevents care being given in the postnatal areas. This is called rooming-in. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your baby and gain confidence in caring for him/her. Rooming-in applies equally to breast and formula fed babies. Midwifery staff are available in postnatal wards and in community to give advice and support on feeding, bathing and changing your baby, and help you to care for your baby. 

Neonatal Unit

Some babies require care in the Neonatal Unit after birth. You may be aware before your baby is born that this may happen, or sometimes it can be unexpected.

The staff in the Neonatal Unit will explain to you why your baby needs specialist care at this time. They will help you come to terms with being separated from your baby and will give you the opportunity to ask questions.


The safety of you and your baby is very important to us. Ward doors are kept closed and only opened by use of a security system. Security cameras are operational within the building.

All staff wear identification badges.  If these are not visible please ask to see proof of identity. Never leave your baby with a person you do not know to be a member of staff, and always alert staff if you are leaving your baby unattended ,for example, when going to the bathroom.


Breakfastfrom 8am

Lunch from 12noon

Tea from 5pm.

Supper from 9:30pm

Friends and relatives are discouraged from visiting during the above times so that patients have an opportunity to enjoy their meals.


The staff work as a team to meet the care needs of women and babies some of those you will meet are:-


Doctors are available to plan and lead your care when you have any health or pregnancy problem and when intervention is needed.


Miidwives will provide full pregnancy care where there are no complications.

Nursing Auxiliary

Will support the midwives to deliver care


Will assist you to prepare for labour and delivery and work with you to regain muscle tone after delivery

Newborn Hearing Screener

With your permission, the newborn hearing screen staff will perform a routine hearing test on your baby to detect any hearing problems. This will be carried out at your bedside or in an adjacent quiet area.In some instances due to early transfer home, an outpatient appointment will be given to you to bring your baby for screening.

Social Workers

Social workers are available to provide support and practical help for you and your family. They will liaise with other agencies on your behalf. They can also help you prepare for leaving the Maternity Unit with advice about community services.

You can contact a social worker through a midwife or directly on 028 9063 4891

Teaching & Research

The Royal Jubilee Maternity Service is a teaching and research centre with students visiting the wards regularly. They work under the direction of qualified members of staff and your co-operation in helping them is appreciated. If you are unhappy with the involvement of students in any aspect of your care please tell a member of staff.


Any information concerning your maternity care is strictly confidential. It will not be given to anyone, except the clinical staff involved in your care, without your prior permission.