What we are doing

We have been working with the Clean Safe Care team from the Department of Health in England to learn from their experience. We have implemented High Impact Interventions or Bundles of Care in clinical ward areas as part of our strategy to reduce healthcare associated infections.

These High Impact Interventions or Bundles of Care bring together all the latest research on reducing infections in the hospital setting. They include strategies and audits for hand hygiene, drip line care and urinary catheter care. You can learn more about this from this website: clean-safe-care.nhs.uk

Hand Hygiene

The Trust has a policy for monitoring good hand hygiene practice and a Dress Code for staff, every ward and department within the Trust is carrying out audits of practice on a regular basis. We are also participating in the DHSSPSNI ‘Clean Your Hands’ campaign 


The Trust complies with the mandatory surveillance initiatives and targets set by the Department of Health and Social Services and implemented by the Public Health Agency.

Patient Placement Strategy

One of the initiatives we have employed that has helped us to reduce our rates of Clostridium difficile infections by 32% last year is to ensure all patients who have or are suspected of having Clostridium difficile infection are isolated promptly in a single room. Where the number of single rooms are limited we have set aside areas where we can place affected patients together.

Enhanced Environmental Cleanliness

Cleaning is taken very seriously and enhanced frequency of cleaning is employed as part of our ongoing prevention of infection strategy. If you have concerns with cleanliness in any of the wards or departments tell the Ward/Department Manager and they contact the appropriate department to ensure the problem is rectified.