Smoke Free Sites

In line with other healthcare trusts in Northern Ireland, Belfast Trust became Smoke Free across all sites in March 2016. 

This means that smoking or using e-cigarettes will not be acceptable anywhere on Belfast Trust sites, including buildings, entrances, exits, grounds, car parks and all vehicles. There will no longer be any smoking shelters and smoking will not be permitted in cars parked on Trust grounds. This applies to everyone using Belfast Trust facilities and services.

Smoke Free Policy

The Trust has developed a Smoke Free Policy, to help protect and improve the health and wellbeing of patients, employees and visitors by:

  • Assisting patients and employees who wish to stop smoking
  • Setting an example of best practice
  • Providing a healthy environment.

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Why go smoke free?  Some of our staff share they views


Available Resources

Smoking Apps


Smoking Apps

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Quit Smoking - Quit Now!

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