Health Visiting

Health Visitors are qualified nurses who have taken further training in Community & Child Health. They work with individuals, families and groups to:

  • Visit all parents with pre-school children
  • Promote good health
  • Prevent and detect ill health by offering support & guidance with:
    • Ante-natal health
    • Post-natal health including depression
    • Family planning & sexual health
    • Parenting
    • Feeding & nutrition
    • Your child’s growth & development
    • Immunisations
    • Hearing, vision & speech
    • Behavioural & sleeping problems
    • Play
    • Accident prevention & child safety
    • Child protection
    • Prescriptions for some medicines
    • Infant massage



How to Access this Service

Usually you are assigned a health visitor by your GP however any other health care professional can also refer you to this service.


Health Visitors are based in the following health centres and clinics:

In north Belfast:

In east Belfast and castlereagh:

In south Belfast:

In west Belfast: