Information available:

  1. Difficulty remembering what can help
  2. What is Dementia?
  3. You've have been diagnosed with Dementia, What now?
  4. Your relative has been diagnosed with Dementia What now?
  5. What is Alzheimer's?
  6. Help on a Practical Basis
  7. Help with Sleeping
  8. Caring for Someone with Dementia
  9. Communication and Dementia
  10. Understanding changes in Behaviour what can help
  11. Medication
  12. Supporting you to live well with Dementia
  13. Dementia and Meaningful activity
  14. Accommodation Options
  15. Driving and Dementia
  16. Managing your Finances
  17. Pain what can help
  18. What is Delirium?
  19. Dementia Navigator - Information for person with dementia
  20. Fronteral Temporal Dementia
  21. Dementia Navigator - for the carer
  22. Lewy Body Dementia
  23. Affection and Security
  24. Complaints
  25. Vascular Dementia
  26. Mental health services for older people - team leaflet
  27. Walking and wandering
  28. Carers' Information and engagement leaflet
  29. Continence what can help
  30. Memory and Forgetfulness
  31. Dementia eating and drinking
  32. Relationships and Dementia
  33. Dementia and sight loss
  34. 10 common signs of Dementia
  35. Early stages of Dementia
  36. Lifestyle – what can help

The ‘This is Me’ document is also available for staff to give when appropriate to the person with dementia and their carer. This is discussed with the person and staff can assist families to encourage using.

As with all trust materials where required this information can be provided in a range of formats i.e. easy to read, sight, hearing, cognitive difficulties and in a range of languages.

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We value your views and opinions and would like to seek feedback from your experience and use it to help to improve our services – a paper copy of the carer/person feedback form can be requested on Tel: 028 9504 0346 or the below links can be used to access an online 5-minute carer/person questionnaire:

Other useful info

Living with Dementia - Personal experience stories