Acute Mental Health Home Treatment Service

The Home Treatment Service provides assessment and treatment to people who are experiencing a mental health emergency of a nature or severity that would otherwise require admission to inpatient services.

The team provide prompt, intensive support to people at the time they most need help, aiming to avoid further deterioration and alleviate distress as quickly as possible.

Where appropriate, this service can provide an alternative to hospital admission, enabling people to receive treatment and care in their own home.  By remaining in their own community, the disruption to their lives and the lives of those caring for them is minimised.

The service is available 24 hours 7 days per week and also includes a six bedded residential unit Home Treatment House.

The home treatment house provides short term accommodation of up to 2 weeks where treatment in a person’s own home is not possible but hospital admission is not required.

How to access the Service

Referrals can be made through your GP and other Health Care Professionals such as Community Mental Health Teams, Consultant Psychiatrists and Emergency Departments.

All referrals are made by telephone to the Call Management Service, telephone number 028 90 565565, who will take details and immediately transfer caller to a Senior Home Treatment Team Clinician.  All urgent referrals will have a face to face assessment within two hours or at an agreed time with the client.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Client has a serious mental illness or requires assessment to determine the presence of a mental illness.
  • Client has been assessed face to face by a health care professional within the past 24 hours.
  • Client over 18 and under 65.
  • Client’s presentation warrants consideration of hospital admission.
  • Client is aware of the referral and willing to be seen by the team.
  • Client is medically fit for assessment and requires to be seen immediately.


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