Belfast Addiction Service

Belfast Addiction Service provides treatment for people who have issues with the misuse of alcohol or drugs.  Within the Service there are different teams:

Community Addictions Team (CAT)

This team provides support for people who are undergoing a home detoxification supervised by their GP. The team will also provide one to one assessments, advice and support for those:

  • requiring harm reduction,
  • achieving abstinence from their substance of misuse or
  • remaining abstinent from these substances by relapse prevention


Addiction Day treatment Services (ADTS)

This service provides a range of treatment options for people who require further help in dealing with their substance misuse. Contact Malone Place Clinic on 028 9504 0338


Substitute Prescribing (SPT)

This team assesses people with drug dependancies (mostly opiates such as heroin), and may recommend using controlled medication to stabilise their condition.


Drug Outreach Team (DOT)

This team works on the ground in local communities, with people who have drug problems but are reluctant to engage with statutory services.  It provides various types of  help and support with the aim of harm reduction and the eventual engagement with services where they can get treatment.


Drug Arrest Referral Team (DART)

Staff work within the police (PSNI) providing rapid assessment, signposting and interventions to people held in custody who have a substance misuse problem and are suspected of funding their misuse through crime.


Prescribed Medication Misuse Team

Some drugs, even though they are legal when prescribed by a doctor for pain relief or to relieve the symptoms of other medical conditions, can be misused when taken in a way not recommended by your GP or the manufacturer.  Some of these medicines can be addictive and harmful.

Staff work with GPs to help reduce the amount of medications such as Benzodiazepines (eg.valium) and opiate based preparations (eg.codeine), that are prescribed by GP practices.

How to access the Service

This service is available to any adult living in Belfast or the South Eastern Trust area.

Referrals to this service can only be made by GPs or other healthcare professionals through One Point of Referral. 


Clinics are held at a range of venues across Belfast.