Adult Protection Gateway Team

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Adult Safeguarding is everyone's business

The Belfast Trust have a zero tolerance approach to all forms of abuse, exploitation or neglect.

Harm caused by abuse, exploitation or neglect is totally unacceptable and is a fundamental breach of anyone's human rights.


What is abuse?

What is abuse, exploitation or neglect?

  • physical abuse (hitting, pushing, kicking)
  • sexual violence and abuse (being touched in private places, being sexually assaulted)
  • psychological/emotional abuse (bullying, name calling, insults)
  • financial abuse (stealing money or valuables)
  • institutional abuse (mistreatment)
  • neglect (not getting food or having your care needs met)
  • exploitation (taking advantage of another person, abusing a position of power).


Get more details on What is Abuse, Exploitation and Neglect of Adults.

If you see something say something OR if you are an adult at risk of harm and in need of protection contact the Adult Protection Gateway team on 028 9504 1744.

Who can cause harm/abuse?
Anyone can cause harm / abuse a stranger, a friend, a family member, care worker, nurse, social worker etc.

Where can harm/abuse happen?
It can happen anywhere in a person’s own home, Care Home, supported housing, hospital.




How to Access the Service

If you ever feel in immediate danger or think someone else may be in immediate danger, Dial 999

If you are worried about someone who you believe is being abused, exploited or neglected, you can contact the Adult Protection Gateway Team.

The Team operates an open referral system so anyone can contact us directly:

During normal working hours (9am – 5pm) - Tel. 028 9504 1744
Regional Emergency Social Work Service (5pm – 9am) – Tel. 028 9504 9999

If you prefer, you can also speak to your GP or any other health care professional, and they will contact the service on your behalf.