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Every day across Belfast, people are dedicating their time to care for relatives, partners and friends.  Caring for someone can be rewarding especially when you can see the person is well and living safely at home.  However it is often hard work and can leave carers exhausted and feeling they have no life of their own.

Belfast Trust can help by providing support for carers of all ages, across all caring situations, in their caring role.  Our aim is to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of carers.

From the 2011 Census approximately 43,000 people identified themselves as carers in the Belfast area.  It is estimated that carers in economic terms double the efforts of health and social services – in 2011 the contribution that carers make was valued at £4.6 billion, which was equivalent at that time to the Health & Social Services budget in Northern Ireland.

The links on the right offer a range of information and advice to support you as a carer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Contact Details

To organise a Carer's Needs Assessment or for more information on anything you have read here, contact one of the Trust's Carers Co-Ordinators:

If you care for an adult or child who has one of the following conditions:

Physical, Sensory, Learning Disability or Autism please contact:
Lynne Calvert Tel: (028) 9504 6108

If you care for an older person or someone with with mental health support needs please contact:
Margaret McDonald Tel: (028) 9504 6702

If there is no one in the office please leave a message on the voicemail with your contact number and they will get back to you.