Paediatric Trauma and Orthopaedic Service

The Trauma and Orthopaedic Service for children is shared between Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children (Children’s Hospital) and Musgrave Park Hospital.

The Children’s Hospital manages emergencies such as fractures, but also some acute infections such as osteomyelitis and septic arthritis. There are also orthopaedic clinics and fracture clinics held in the Children’s Hospital. Approximately 800 patients per year are admitted as emergencies to the Children’s Hospital in addition to around 100 elective patients.

Consultants and nursing staff work together closely to provide this service. A clinical nurse specialist leads a team of experienced nurses, who provide nurse led clinics and facilities, including support for the orthotic clinics which are held 3 times a month by an orthotist.

There are four weekly theatre lists which are mainly used for fracture management and some elective surgery, particularly in children who require the extensive support facilities of the hospital including ICU. Spinal surgeons have one list per month available for their use.

How to Access the Service:

You can be referred to the trauma and orthopaedic services through:

1. A General Practitioner

2. The Emergency Department

Location of Service:

We are located in the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children and in Musgrave Park Hospital.

Contact numbers.

029 9063 2835

028 9063 2012